Cambodia: organized chaos

Temple run in Angkor Wat

Temple run in Angkor Wat

Hey ho:

I am in Cambodia right now, crossed the border three days ago and it was way easier and faster than I thought it would be. Now, after spending more than 10 hours on the bus, I slowly realize the otherside of travelling: waiting to get from A to B, listening to music, reading and thinking. However, I probably never would have seen a sunset like today. So enjoy the little things! That´s definitely something important I have already learned.

ANGKOR WAT is an ancient place, with over 300 temples of Cambodian origin. We woke up especially early to experience the unique sunrise over Angkor Wat. I believe there are worse views to start a morning haha. I guess you have probably not been  to Cambodia so far but it´s definitely a must see. People are really friendly here and the food is pretty cheap, too. The only thing that probably won´t change in Southeast Asia is the traffic. You always have to be careful when you cross the street even at the crosswalk. I had a good dinner at the night market in Phnom Penh (capital of Cambodia) with the group, too.

Anyway, I really like this country so far, although there is lots of poverty and it´s a place where I appreciate to be born in Austria. However, there is hope. We visited a school, built by an NGO called “New Hope Cambodia” ( The focus of New Hope is ‘free education for all’.
But believe it or not, there is poverty in Austria, too, or there are at least many young people to have problems to integrate into society. Sport is a great way to connect people together, especially football can help children to escape spending the whole time in front of the TV or computer and meet new friends, get self confidence and do something healthy for their body. Therefore, I would like to mention “Sports for life” (,m which is an initiative supported by Sportclub Klosterneuburg founded by its president. Sport definitely connects people, especially kids and I am sure it can help wonder anywhere.

If you have any questions, you can always leave a comment or write me an email, I reply everyone (

Greetings from Cambodia,
Lucky Luki

Sunset never looks as good on pictures as it does in real life...

Sunset never looks as good on pictures as it does in real life…


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