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Hey travellers,

Have you ever planned to go to New Zealand? Got inspired of some astonishing pictures on the internet or stories of your friends? My personal advice: DO it. Head there as soon as possible, it’s worth it! I got inspired from some friends back in Austria and (after only 10 days) I’m glad they did. Now it’s time to inspire YOU:

First of all, sorrry I haven’t updated my travels for awhile but New Zealand is such an astonishing country and I fell into its best adventures right from the very beginnings of my arrival. My journey started with planning my trips (which, of course, have already completely changed ;-)) on my first night with some locals in a Hostel in Wellington and ended with an interesting nonprofessional hiking experience yesterday. However, even though I haven’t gone to places I actually wanted, I’ve had an unforgettable time – explored places I have never expected to visit, met inspiring personalities and had just a wonderful time in remarkable, unpolluted mountain regions of New Zealand.


secret travel advices from a Kiwi (local) 🙂

Due to having only 3 weeks, which is a very short time for such a beautiful country, I actually planned to only travel through the Northern Island of New Zealand. Never mind, everyone I met and especially the locals I had met at the hostel in Wellington told me to go to the Southern Island. Zackk – on the next day I sat on the ferry heading to the Southern Island:

On the ferry: departing from Wellington to the South

On the ferry: departing from Wellington to the South

Before departure I bought a used 2 weeks old tent for 10 bucks from another traveller in the hostel – Camping and hitchhiking experience: Here I come!

Departed on the Southern Island, I immediately got a ride from a local to the next hostel in Blenheim as it was already pretty late (and dark) – thanks Mark!

Abel Tasman National Park. 
On the next day I hitchhiked to the Abel Tasman National Park (which took me about 2 1/2 hours) and started the famous Coastal Track. Off with my more than 20kg backpack and food for 2 days I thought I will turn after max. 2 hours but believe it or not, you get used to it. It did not even feel uncomfortable anymore after 2 hours. I was in my walking rhythm and enjoyed the walk … although I have to say it was not a tricky track with up and downs, just a beautiful view whereever you are on the track as you walk right next to the sea. I walked around 25km to Bark Bay where I camped for one night and walked back on the following day.
Some snapshots I took on the Coastal Track: 




TASMAN (Ukulele on my backpack) 😛



After the Abel Tasman Coastal Track I immediately got a ride to the next town (Nelson) where I accidentally landed at one of the best hostels I’ve been on my travels. Clean, fair price, great atmosphere and a manager who is a traveller, too. In my opinion, he even acts more like a backpacker than the owner of the acommodation. This is not only a moneymaking hostel – this is passion! So if you travel around the Southern Island of New Zealand soon, I definitely recommend to stay at Otto’s. 🙂

Traver Sabine Circuit. 
When I arrived in Nelson I would never have expected to do that track but (as I dont have any plans), a young adventurous German guy called Arendt asked me to join because he had planned to do it a couple days ago. One night and off we went. We both, packed with a tent, a sleeping bag and food for the 5 days 96km hike were not quite experienced for a long term hike but looking forward to having lots of adventure. And honestly, it was definitely the best decision I made. Imagine walking for 5 days in an unbelievably beautiful National Park – no polluting cars, no internet, no stress! Just enjoying the walk through quiet forrests and mountain landscapes. The only faux pas: we slowly ran out of food … for sure, not the best experience on such a hike! So we had to save our goods, got less food for dinner and rice for breakfast – yummy! 😛
However, it was still worth it and an awesome, memorable experience 🙂


One of the first days – still lots of food &energy left 😛 …

Journeys are made by the people you travel with!

Journeys are made by the people you travel with!

@Blue Lake - supposed to be the clearest lake in the world. #googleit ;P

@Blue Lake – supposed to be the clearest lake in the world. #googleit ;P

... till the last day when we finally hiked out (without food &hardly any energy) :P

… till the last day when we finally hiked out (without food &hardly any energy) 😛

I hope I could give you some impressions of my first half of my New Zealand adventure. Now I’m looking forward to my upcoming adventure. Feel free to comment, share or sending me an email! This blog is not only made for sharing my travel stories and experience … it’s there for inspiration. I started backpacking almost 3 months ago and I can still say it was  100% the best decision I’ve ever made. Travelling independent is not as hard as it sounds and in my mind, everyone should do it once. Start to travel here.

All the very best,
Stay safe and
Happy travels,

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Have you ever thought of leaving your comfort-zone behind and travel alone for a while? Just packing your stuff and heading to the next country you always wanted to visit (only you and your backpack)? But then you thought neh, stupid idea… it might be dangerous, too scary, I don’t want to be alone and it’s too comfortable here. I have all I need, anyway. After almost 7 weeks travelling independently I feel experienced enough to tell you to do it. If you have the opportunity (and I’m sure you’ll find a few flexible weeks) then do it! You’ll meet so many interesting people, find wonderful different places and you will find enough time to think about life. Explore life! And I can tell you already that you are going to travel lonely but you won’t be alone, NEVER!

sorry 4 the snapshot

    You …

Met those guys on the ferry to Cat Bá (when I still had my motorbike) - always amazing to talk to new people - #partoftravels

    … ARE …

group photo @the park entrance

 … NEVER …

cab sharing from Koh Lanta pier to Long Beach :)

    … ALONE! 🙂

I always loved to be abroad. Heading from one place to another to see all these famous and spectacular sights. However, since I travel independently it’s completely different, you can’t compare it – I would never have met so many people … I also can’t say that I wasn’t a little worried (I didn’t know how it would be or if I would like it). But last spring I had some troubles in Austria, I wasn’t happy at all. That was the time where I wanted to leave everything behind me as soon as possible. There was nothing to lose. Then I followed an Austrian friend via social media how he had travelled through Southeast Asia on his own. I started to read travel blogs on the internet and I thought: “I’m going to do that, maybe this might help me to find back happiness”. I waited pretty long and I believed that it was probably too late to prepare for a long journey and tried to forget my plans. However, once I had a long conversation with a very good friend at an Austrian “Heuriger” (small wine tavern) about travels and she convinced me so strongly that I thought about it again. So I went to the travel agency (STA Travel) on the next day and got informed about flights for a world trip (time, price, flexibility). After my first couple minutes into the conversation I already knew that I was going to leave Austria for a while. I booked the main flights a few days later and it’s not even that expensive. I mean it’s money for sure but I know already, IT’S SO WORTH IT! Don’t expect the most luxury travels but it’s just fine:)

Danang Beach

Danang Beach (Vietnam)

Halong Bay panorama

Halong Bay (Vietnam)

Happy travels!

Pai (Northern Thailand)

Phi Phi Island (Southern Thailand)

Phi Phi Island (Southern Thailand)

I hope that I can inspire you to do that and I’m quite sure you wouldn’t regret it. For more pictures: Join me on!

Best wishes from Kuala Lumpur,

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