Deliciosa Mendoza

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Honestly, I was pretty glad to finally leave big, busy Buenos Aires to head to Mendoza. I was looking forward to seeing beautiful landscapes again (the Andes Mountain Range). Mendoza is located in Eastern Argentina, not far from the Chilean border and the Andes. Wine tasting was another major point on my list when I decided to travel to Mendoza. Its region produces 70% of the country’s wine. The only thing I was definitely not prepared was the 17hrs bustrip:

I cought a good seat at least and watched a stunning sunset from the bus :P

At least, I got a good seat that I could watch a stunning sunset from the bus 😛

On the bus, I met Oliver, a German, who had travelled through South America the last 7! months. When we had a small conversation, we noticed that we are going the same direction and decided to travel together for the next few days.

When we arrived on the 1st, May, we realized that the country celebtrates “el Dia Internacional del Trabajador” (Labour Day). The streets were empty (almost scary) and everything was closed. So we walked a bit around the town and then decided to spend the rest of the day at the hostel.

On the following day, we took a bus to Aconcagua Provincial Park to see the highest mountain outside of Asia (6961 metres). Unfortunately, we had not the very best weather and I was literally not prepared, neither. We didn’t even see the peak of the mountain but, at least, we can say we were veeery close and it was definitely adventurous 🙂

Aconcagua Viewpoint

A bit fresh but … well, I am Austrian 😉

... 7600 miles away ...

… 7600 miles away …

"Travelling widens your horizon!"

… “Travelling widens our horizon!”

Mendoza’s vineyards.
Mendoza is not only well-known for its delicious wine but also for its idyllic, quiet vineyards. We took the local bus on the following day to go out of the town, where we could rent a bycicle for a couple hours. However, I actually expected more. It was harder to find a good looking vineyard, including a “Vinoteca” than we thought. Fortunately, our patiency paid off at the end and we found this amazing place were I maybe drank the best red wine of my life. 😛 Seriously, I am usually not a big red wine fan but this one was a “Diliciosa Mendoza Vino” 🙂

Big recommendation to every wine fan! #mendozawine

Big recommendation to every wine fan! #mendozawines

Wine tasting with original Empanadas :P

Wine tasting with original Empanadas 😛

All the best and,
Happy travels,

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  1. Hallo Luki !
    Ich freue mich immer auf Deine neuen Abenteuer und Fotos !
    Hoffe es geht Dir wirklich gut .
    Falls Du in Nöten bist melde dich ! Ich helfe .
    Bis bald – Bussi Oma .

    • Hallo Omi!
      Freu mich sehr über die Nachricht. Mir geht’s super, gerade in La Paz, Bolivien, angekommen. Ich weiß ich kann mich immer auf euch verlassen – nicht mehr lange, dann bin ich auch wieder zu Hause!
      Ganz viele liebe Grüße,
      Bussis Lukas

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