Hitchhiking Argentina

Hitchhiking Argentina? I know many people would tell me it’s a stupid idea (and its definitely not the best and safest country to try) but honestly, I was still flashed about my incredible hitchhiking experience in New Zealand. So when I arrived in Argentina I started to ask other travellers and did some research on the internet about the possibilities and dangers.

I found out that a lot of people have done it before but, of course, no one recommended to do it, especially when youre alone. Another big advantage is to be fluent in Spanish because Argentineans would like to listen to foreign travel stories. Well, that’s perhaps the hardest part for me as I noticed that my high school Spanish hardly exists … maybe the first time where I regret a bit that I payed too less attention at class since I left school. As hitchhiking is not common in Argentina, I also found out that I need to be veery patient. I read that you sometimes have to wait for more than 3 hrs for the next lift.

Buenos Aires is probably not the best place to start, neither, so I took the bus to Mendoza where I met Oliver (a 20 years old friendly German who speaks Spanish fluently). We even decided to travel together for a couple days as we headed the same direction. After we had spent a few days in lovely Mendoza, we decided to hitchhike North together.

Hitchhiking Argentina :P

Hitchhiking Argentina 😛

It took us approximately one hour to get the first lift (only 20km) out of the town. However, better than nothing and hitchhiking out of a city is usually the most difficult part and we realized: Hitchhiking Argentina is possible! The following lift took us only 15 minutes, although, not very far again; you take what you get 😛

We were waiting for one veery long lift to take us halfway (or even closer) where we wanted to go. The next lift (only 20 mins later) took us more than 150 kms to San Juan, the next bigger town. Perfect! The Argentinean guy from San Juan even invited us for lunch. Amazing! Hitchhiking is more than just a free lift between different destinations. Enjoy the little things!

Lunch at a Gaucho family :)

Lunch at a Gaucho family 🙂

After eating lunch, the hospitable and super friendly Gaucho drove us out of the town, to get a good position for our upcoming lifts. Unfortunately, it ended up that we were waiting for more than 3 hrs without any lifts until sunset. We slowly got quite desperate and even a bit nervous because we haven’t had a place to stay at that time and (as we weren’t completely out of the town) we were not sure about camping there.

Finally, we tried to hitchhike back to San Juan which took us not even ten minutes until a car stopped. The car owner dropped us off at the Bus Terminal and we decided to take the next bus to our destination because we thought we wanted to save some travel time and save one night of accommodation with the night bus anyway.

In conclusion, I was quite surprised how easy hitchhiking through Argentina was at the beginning, although, maybe we were just really lucky with our first three lifts. It’s probably not unusual that you have to wait for hours to get the next lift but it’s definitely possible. Furthermore, even though we didn’t reach our destination with hitchhiking, we were very glad that we had that experience!

Hitchhiking Argentina #2

Hitchhiking Argentina #2

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