Maybe you already know that I love doing sports in my free-time and I even play in a football club in my home-town in Klosterneuburg (Austria). Sport has played a main part of my life since I was a child. I always prefered more to do team sport instead of individual sports and I’m sure that took a main role in my development. Teamsport connects people, build characters and helps to stay in shape. The only attitude I never learned through playing football is how to deal with winning and losing… ; )

However, I believe that Sport can help in several ways and crisis. Especially teamsport has many social benefits, too. Kids often lose shyness and can even forget about private issues for awhile. It can also help children to escape spending the whole time in front of the TV or computer and meet new friends, get self confidence and do something healthy for their body.

Now I would like to mention “Sports for life”, which is an initiative supported by Sportclub Klosterneuburg founded by its president. Sport definitely connects people, especially kids and I am sure it can help wonder anywhere.

Sports for Life: